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Info about Grace

In my 30 year career as a nurse, spending 21 years at the bedside in the NICU, I was promoted to several leadership positions without the benefit of a mentor or proper leadership training and I often felt like an “imposter,” always at the verge of being exposed! Fortunately, I was able to learn on the job and enjoy success with each challenge I faced. However, this success came at a high cost and nearly broke me at certain junctures in my career which impacted my health and work/life balance. I used to let my limiting beliefs, fears, doubts, and negative self-talk sabotage my goals. And due to a determined spirit and an excellent executive coach, I began learning how to manage my emotions which shaped by beliefs and thinking which in turn directed my actions. I am excited to share that all my hard work, discipline and wise counsel helped me to be successful! YAY!!

At this point in my career, my mission and passion is to help healthcare leaders, at all levels, bring JOY back into their personal and professional lives through customized coaching and to provide pragmatic solutions to achieve their identified goals. Since mid-level managers directly impact metrics at the unit level and yet lack: training, knowledge, communication skills and confidence to lead their front line teams, it is no surprise that employee engagement and patient experience outcomes are inconsistent at best.  My hope is to have the privilege of working with you, so that you can experience JOY at work again!

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