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The Numbers Don’t Lie

Overall Rating 10%ile increase
Communication with RN 9%ile increase
Communication with MD 8%ile increase
*Improvements seen in one year. Results may vary.


Overall Rating


Comm with RN


Comm with MD


More about Grace and PX Coaching

What We Do

  • 1:1 leader coaching by asking to provide thoughtful, compassionate, honest and pointed feedback
  • Shadow coaching with JIT feedback for MDs, RNs, frontline staff, support services
  • Deliver customized training to reinforce evidence based solutions
  • Train the trainer program to empower internal coaches
  • Execute a detailed gap analyses of organizations with recommendations for improvement

Why It Works

PX Coaching, LTD. in collaboration with executive leaders, prioritize your needs and co-develop a customized action plan that is in alignment with your organizational values and mission, while delivering personalized 1:1 leadership coaching. In contrast, when organizations hire consulting firms to adopt their program without considering the impact on their pre-existing culture, the program often fails to “stick.”


What We Can Do For You

Expertise in Conducting Gap Analyses

Evidence Based Solutions

Improve Clinical Quality

Increase Patient/Family Perception of Care

what do coaches do

Offer support, act as a sounding board, ask pointed questions to reflect on, provide insight and function as an accountability partner.

How does coaching start

With relationship building to gain trust and comfort; sessions are usually 30 minutes to 1 hour weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.

Results Depend on

Your level of engagement, commitment and follow-through between sessions with action steps aligned with your goals.  

First Steps

A consultation with executive leaders to determine the scope of work and a summary of recommendations for organizational improvement.

Patient eXperience Improvement Solutions

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